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Age of Flash
Release date: 31-Aug-2022


Release date: 20-Sep-2021

Vast album cover.png


Release date: 09-Dec-2017

Community Favorites

Release date: 14-Feb-2015


Release date: 01-Sep-2013


Release date: 14-May-2012

Release date: 19-Sep-2009

Original soundtracks

Hotshot Racing OST
Release date: 10-Sep-2020


GeometryDash singles
Release date: 15-Jun-2017

SAP: Battle Arena EP

Release date: 04-Oct-2015


Release date: 01-Dec-2013

Paranormal Puzzle

Release date: 05-Aug-2020

PPL OST album cover.png

Rocket Wars OST

Release date: 15-Jun-2017

Oh My Goat! OST

Release date: 04-May-2015

CastleStorm OST

Release date: 29-May-2013

IMG Add on pack Vol1

Release date: 22-Dec-2017

Racing Apex OST

Release date: 16-Apr-2016

Fox Rush OST

Release date: 04-May-2015

Forest Challenge OST

Release date: 22-Apr-2013

Infinite MiniGolf OST

Release date: 28-Jul-2017

Layerz OST

Release date: 19-Dec-2015

Fox Fender OST

Release date: 09-Sep-2014

KawaiRun 1&2 OST

Release date: 02-Oct-2012

Information about these releases:

  • All albums are rendered in 24bit wav /  320bit mp3. (Or higher)

  • The tracks on the albums have higher bit-rates than the original free ones.

  • Most tracks on the albums are remastered or extended in some way.

  • Most Original Non-Original Videogame albums have two or more exclusive tracks, not found anywhere else.

  • All of the Original game soundtrack albums can also be listened to free on my YouTube channel


Most of the albums are available in at least 10 the following online stores:
Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes (Worldwide), Amazon, Zune, YouTube Art Track, Napser, Myspace music, iHeartradio, Medianet, Nokia, Muve, Rdio, Google play, eMusic, Simfy, Pandora, Deezer, Saavn, IHeartRadio, Akazoo, Anghami MediaNet, KKbox, Juke, Boomplay Music, 7Digital, Vervelife and Rhapsody.

You can listen to the track demo's on the buy links!

Please note: 

Prices on the albums may differ depending on your country's currency and / or site you buy it from.

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