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Royalty-Free / Terms for Music Use

Most of my music is free for non-commercial use (YouTube, streaming, Geometry Dash, etc) as long as you credit me and link back to my YouTube channel. The exceptions are any tracks part of an official OST, such as for a game.  There may be a copyright notice as a result, but it is NOT a strike and does not hurt your channel - it only credits me back for the song and shares some of the ad revenue (if your channel is not monetized with 1000+ subs and 4000 watch hours, it just goes to Google anyway).

If you have a monetized channel or commercial use (original content/remixes, etc), then you can contact me for whitelisting your video or for a license. For most channels that just stream gameplay, it will be no problem to whitelist. For larger projects or original content using my music, we would need to work out a license depending on the project.

Feel free to contact me if your situation isn't covered above. I am also open to custom commissions, depending on my schedule. Lastly, if you need more music specifically for film, games, or trailers, I've put together a genre-sorted catalogue featuring music by myself and other composers here:

If you have any questions,

Contact my team at

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