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- You may use my music freely for non-commercial projects, given that you credit me by artist name "Waterflame", name of the song, and link to any of my social pages if possible. If the music is to be used in a commercial project (with sponsorship, micro-transactions or price-per-unit), you may not use my music freely. You will then have to send me an email so we can discuss usage for this specific project. If you want to hire me for a composition job, please check out the Hire Me page on this site.

- You may use any of the songs in my "official tracks" playlist on YouTube. The tracks made specifically for a game may have some licenses tied to them. Please check the descriptions or send an email if unsure.

- If the project appears online, you must include a link to my YouTube channel (, Facebook page, or this official page in a description field, credits screen, or similar.

- You may NOT use any of my songs created specifically for a game or other project. These tracks are usually labeled "OST" on YouTube and will have a disclaimer in the description. If the song has a newgrounds download available despite this, it can be used under the creative commons or fair use.

- If you use any of my tracks from my existing albums for one of your videos on YouTube, (released to YouTube or not)
you may get a monetization / content ID claim by my publisher TuneCore.
This will place an ad on that specific video.
(If you don't know what Content ID claim means, read this)
Note: This is not the same thing as a copyright strike!

- If you feel the revenue claim on YouTube is wrongly placed, i.e. your video contains footage of a game that includes my track track in the game (this does not include instances where my tracks have been modded in by users outside of my license with the company), or you believe it is transformative enough/under fair use, you may dispute the claim under Creative Commons or Fair use, depending on the situation. My music is not public domain.
If the circumstance is not covered by the above you can send an email, and we can try to figure out a solution. However, I will not answer things that have already been answered here.

- I can not help you with these claims beyond this, as it is not controlled by me. If you have any other questions or objections to this, please read the YouTube & Tunecore FaQ pages first before you contact me.

If you accept and understand all points above, you may use my music.




You may remix and cover / remake my tracks freely as long as you follow these rules:
- The track have to retain the original name, artist name, and clearly state that it is a remix.

Example: Waterflame - Space pirates - *artist name* Remix

- The original track must be linked to and credited clearly. You can link to any of my official site that has the release listed (YouTube or this page usually)
- You may ONLY release these tracks non-commercially on social sites and video / music sites (Soundcloud, Newgrounds, Youtube, etc).
- You can NOT release this through any kind of publishing company or any other commercial venue that would register it as a published track (spotify, itunes, amazon etc) without sending me a mail ( to discuss a possible release of your remix/remake.
- Taking my track and putting filters on it / changing pitch does NOT count as a remix or remake.

Conditions for using my music in videos and social media

Conditions for remixing & Remaking my music

More music for films, games and trailers

If you need more music, you can also check out a catalogue I've put together featuring music made by myself and other composers for film and games here.

If you have any questions,

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